Comfort and functionality in the BMW X3.

No matter what the daily journey may bring, the BMW X3 is prepared for every challenge with a range of intelligent functions, including the generous interior and luggage compartment that can be adapted to suit requirements. 


Thanks to its many comfort functions and generous, flexible space, the BMW X3 is a study in the finer points of versatility.

Storage concept.

You’ll never be short on space in the BMW X3, which offers a range of handy storage options and practical cup holders. The large open storage compartments in the doors are particularly useful. The compartments in the front doors can comfortably accommodate a 1.5-litre bottle, while those in the rear can accommodate a 1-litre bottle. There are also two cup holders with roller cover in front of the gear shift. The two closable glove compartments in the front, a storage compartment with cover under the centre armrest between the seats and an open compartment in the rear centre console are also available for storage.


The BMW X3 offers plenty of space to suit a range of needs. Whether you’re on the way to the office, on a long-distance journey or travelling to the theatre, the spacious interior always offers passengers supreme comfort. There’s room for nearly everything thanks to the numerous storage options, including closable cup holders positioned in the centre console. The 550-litre luggage compartment can be expanded to accommodate 1,600 litres. The optional rear seat bench with a 40:20:40 split allows you to arrange the available space to suit your requirements. For even more space flexibility, there’s the optional storage package, which includes additional luggage nets, a reversible liner and numerous fastening options.

Comfort Access.

Innovative and easy to operate, the Comfort Access system makes it possible to unlock the vehicle doors and start the engine without having to use the car key. The key, which may be in a pocket or briefcase, is automatically recognised upon approaching the car. Once the door has been automatically unlocked, the driver can get in and start the engine by pressing the Start/Stop button.
The Comfort Access system also includes the Smart Opener function. An integrated sensor detects a short, directed wave of the foot below the rear bumper and the tailgate opens and closes automatically without being touched.
The Comfort Access system uses key authentication to ensure security.

Contactless opening of the boot.

Say goodbye to fumbling for keys with armfulls of shopping. The innovative Comfort Access system – in conjunction with the automatic boot operation – enables contactless opening of the boot. A quick, directed wave of the foot under the rear bumper allows the boot to be opened automatically via sensor, making opening and loading the luggage compartment more convenient. Access is only granted when the system also detects the presence of an authorised car key. The function for contactless opening of the boot is not available in connection with the optional M Sport model.

Trailer tow hitch with electronically adjustable tow ball.

The trailer tow hitch with electronically adjustable tow ball is particularly convenient. The hitch is not visible during drives without a trailer, when it is stowed under the rear apron. This feature also includes trailer stability control.
If the system detects that the trailer is swaying dangerously, it applies Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) to stabilise it again. The maximum trailer load is 2,400 kg, depending on the engine.

Auxiliary heater.

The auxiliary heater with remote control is ideal in winter and for cold days, allowing the interior to be brought to a pleasant temperature without starting the engine. It can either be operated with the iDrive Controller or via remote control, with settings being shown in the central Control Display. A water heating device acts as the heating source, which is supplied with energy by the fuel system. The cold engine is also pre-heated by the device. This further reduces fuel consumption during the warm-up phase. The auxiliary heater is set to switch on when the outdoor temperature gets below 15 °C and may also be directly turned on at any temperature.